Parish Pastoral Council

  1. The Purpose of parish pastoral council (PPC) is to unite the whole parish and encourage participation of parishioners in the ministry of Christ and the mission of the Church. PPC is established to assist, help, and collaborate with the parish priest in fostering the pastoral and spiritual life of the parish.
  2. St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Pastoral Council is made up of the Parish Priest, Pastoral team members, the Coordinator and Secretary of each of the six Commissions
  3. The Commissions are to work in collaboration with the Parish Priest and his Pastoral Team to coordinate the activities of the various Groups and Associations in the parish. The Parish Council coordinates and provides oversight to the parish commissions. The term of service in the PPC and the Parish Commissions is three Years, renewable.
  4. Current PPC Members are: Peter O’Neill, Isaac Ehioghae, Benedicta Maku, Raymond Akpalou, Jackie Sanders, Sam Ugbade and Breda Shelton (By PP’s appointment). Fr. Raymond, the Deacon and one representative from each of the two religious Communities in the parish as ex-officio members. Brief meeting after 10.30 Mass.





Peter O’Neill (Coordinator)

Janine Streete (V.C)

Isaac Ehioghae (Secretary)

Members: Richard Mintah, Emmanuel Asamoah, Gerard McNally, Violet McQueen, Dian O’Connor, Chinelo, Betty Clifford, Sandra (Usher), Brian/Jackie Sanders ,Irene Kontoh, Christy Ughujo, Damien Fox.





Benedicta Maku (Coordinator)

Sandra Smith (V.C)

Raymond Akpalou (Secretary)

Members: Deirdre Robert, Emma Smith, Mercy Banda, Audrey Daniels,
Rebecca Asantewa, Rosina Hook, Yvonne Clarke, Mary Boyle.





Alex Kontoh (Coordinator)

Thandi Ndlovu (VC)

Mary Selormey (Secretary)

Members: Prince Josiah Atobatele, Elizabeth Amoah, Mary McGrath,
Clarence Perriman, Meysher (Oterka), David Smith





Mr. Francis (Coordinator)

Thembi Ationu (VC)

Jonathan O. Paul (Secretary)

Members: Helen, Tina Braimah, Efe Braimah, Rodzigo O., Peter O’Neill,
Lindsay E., Franklin, Edna Angels, Rufus, Beatrice, Blessing, Juliana
and other Volunteers.





Chief Eric Bateren (Coordinator)

Sam Egbenniyoko (VC)

Rebecca Asantewa (Secretary)

Members: Mary Ofili, Gladys Breman-Baah, Rosemary Okocha, Emilia Kontoh, Fela Oduntan, Chief Tony A., Daniel Ofosu. Juan Pablo.





Sr. Maureen (Coordinator)

Breda Shelton (VC), Jackie Sanders

Members: Anne Thyer, Violet McQueen, Brian Sanders, Grace Opoku., Fr Francis and all ministers responsible for care of the sick.