Parish Pastoral Council




The Purpose of parish pastoral council (PPC) is to unite the whole parish and encourage participation of parishioners in the ministry of Christ and the mission of the Church. PPC is established to assist, help, and collaborate with the parish priest in fostering the pastoral and spiritual life of the parish.


1. The Commissions are to work in collaboration with the Parish Priest and his Pastoral Team to coordinate the activities of the various Groups and Associations in the parish. The Parish Council coordinates and provides oversight to the parish commissions. The term of service in the PPC and the Parish Commissions is three Years, renewable.


2. Current PPC Members are: Fela Oduntan (Chair),Raymond Akpalou (Secretary), Benedicta Maku,  Isaac Ehioghae,  Peter O’ Neill, Rosina P. Hook (Latin America), Anna Minamore, Deidre Roberts, Alice Sammarco, Angela Braimah, Samuel Maxwell Oprah, Fr. Raymond Joe Abuga, MSP (President). Ex – Officio Members: Sir Sam Ugbade and Breda Shelton. Brief meeting after 10.30 Mass.


3. Leaders of Groups who are legible to attend Pastoral Council Meetings: Isaac Ohine Manu (Chair Ghanaian Catholic Association), David Otomewo (Chair Nigeria Catholic Association), Amma Kwatemaa (President Ghanaian Choir), Christy Ughujo (Leader Sacred Heart), Josephine Caramba Coker (President CWO), Elizabeth Amoah (President Christian Mothers & Fathers).

Alex Adomakoh-Kontoh (Chair)

Rebecca Asantewaa-Duah (Secretary)

Bernard Agu (Chair Projects)

Mary Selormey (Bookkeeper)

Mbet Udoaka (Assistant Finance Reconciler)

Chief Eric Bateren

Thembi Ationu

Victor Jimenez

Jeannette Nyaye

Fr Raymond Joe Abuga, MSP (Member)



Fr Raymond Joe Abuga, MSP (President)

Fela Oduntan (Chair)

Raymond Akpalou (Secretary)

Deirdre Roberts

Benedicta Maku

Isaac Ehioghae

Peter O' Neill

Rosina Hook

Anna Minamore

Angela Braimah

Ex Offico Members:

Sir Sam Ugbade

Breda Shelton

Leaders of Associations/Groups who are legible to attend Pastoral Council Meetings

Isaac Ohene Manu (Chair Ghanaian Catholic Association)

Chief Eric Bateren (Chair Nigerian Catholic Association)

Amma Kwatemaa (President Ghanaian Choir)

Christy Ughujo (President Sacred Heart)

Josephine Caramba Coker (President CWO)

Elizabeth Amoah (President Christian Mothers & Fathers)
Peter O'Neill (Coordinator)

Isaac Ehioghae (Secretary)

Gerard McNally

Janine Streete

Josephine Caramba Coker

Henry Drewery

Emmanuel Asamoah

Amma Kwatemaa

Paulina Franton

Emelia Adomakoh-Kontoh

Benedicta Maku
Benedicta Maku (Coordinator)

Deirdre Roberts

Chief Mrs Amaka Agu (Lead Catechist for FHC)

Emelia Adomakoh-Kontoh (Support Catechist for FHC)

Rebecca Asantewaa (Lead Catechist for Confirmation)

George Koranteng (Lead Catechist for RCIA)

Frank Paintsil (Support Catechist for Confirmation & RCIA)

Dr Jackie Bond (Support for RCIA)

Rosina Hook (Support Catechist for Latin America Children for FHC)
Chief Anthony Ajiduah (Coordinator)

Chief Eric Bateren

Rosemary Okocha

Fela Oduntan

Alex Adomakoh-Kontoh

Raymond Akpalou

Thandi Ndlovu

Frank Paintsil

George Koranteng

Catherine Diala

Angela Braimah (Secretary)

Andrew Okocha

Marriette Obaseki

Juan Pablo

Sam Ogbenniyoko

Ade Ososami