Our gospel story gives another appearance of Jesus after his resurrection. Two disciples of Jesus were still mourning about the brutal death of their Master in Jerusalem and they decided to travel to Emmaus to be there by themselves. They had abandoned Jesus. Jesus, however, does not abandon them. He seeks them out. He walks and talks with them. Jesus journeys and walks with us every step of the way. The risen Jesus was in their midst but something prevented them from recognising Him. What prevents us from recognising the risen Jesus and having a stronger faith in His presence in our lives? We can easily identify with these two disciples because it is our journey too. Have we not at times felt like them? Our plans go awry; our expectations fail; our dreams become nightmares and we feel so down that we can hardly lift up our heads.
We can learn from the gospel story. All along the road to Emmaus Jesus had recognised these two disciples and became a skilful Therapist, helping them to talk (pray) about the things that were troubling them – ‘’What things?’’ Jesus asked them, feigning ignorance. We too need to talk to Jesus and verbalise our struggles. He offers us a listening ear; even more, He has a listening heart. This is real prayer when heart talks to heart. After this moment of serious thoughts and prayer, Jesus then strengthen them with his word. They have a private privileged audience with Jesus. He becomes both their guest and their host! He had revealed himself along the journey through his word setting their hearts afire, he now shows himself to them in sacrament in the breaking of the bread. Their eyes are opened, and they recognised Him but His disclosure marks his disappearance.
God’s visits go so deep that we realise that he had been with us only after He has gone away. When the two disciples thought everything had seemingly ended, everything had really begun. It was late but they had to run back to Jerusalem, a mini marathon of faith, to share their experience with the Eleven.  Our prayer should be: Stay with us, Lord. In our darkness, be our Light. In our blindness, be our Sight. In our weakness, be our Strength. In our loneliness, be our Friend. In our hopelessness, be our Hope. In our defeat, be our Victory. In our tiredness, be our Rest. In our journey, be our End. Amen.
                               Happy Sunday!Fr Francis, MSP
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