The mission of Jesus centred on the Kingdom of God and the Proclamation the Good News of Godís saving power and love for all people. The good news is meant for all nations. Jesus has come as the light who will lead all nations out of the ways of darkness. He is to fulfil the words of the prophets, bring light to those in darkness and fear,  preach conversion and exercise Godís saving power over the forces of darkness (Isaiah 9:1-4; Mathew 4:12-23). 
In the Gospel, St. Mathew tells us that the light of Jesus begins to shine as he enters Galilee, proclaiming the Kingdom of God and performing miracles of healing. Jesus calls people to repent, believe the good news and join effort in promoting the reign of God (Mathew 4:12-23). Godís kingdom has two characteristics: harmony and abundance. Jesus comes to reconcile and restore us to friendship with God, He is the good news of salvation, the message of eternal life, the wisdom and the power of God (1Corinthian 1: 23 -24).
Jesus calls us to believe in the good news he brings and turn around where we are to God who is always smiling in our direction. The message of the gospel is Godís offer of salvation to the world. His call is for people to change, change ways of living with one another, change the way we think about the world, others, and self. And know that God is close to us, lov≠ing and caring: ĎThe kingdom is at hand.í There is an alternative to the ways of division, violence, conflict, greed, selfishness, hatred, lack of love, forgiveness, peace and justice. We are to take up the values of the Kingdom and the lifestyle of Jesus Ė He is a role model for us all in our different vocations and also for the church in the world today. Like the disciples, Jesus calls us today to share in the mission of bringing the good news to those who do not belong to the kingdom. United with Jesus, we make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit who gives us grace to carry out this mission. Let us be generous with our gifts and time.

Fr Francis, MSP


St Thomas The Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Nunhead
81 Evelina Road, 
Nunhead, SE15 3HL
Tel: 020 7639 3724
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Parish Priest:
Revd Fr Francis Eyo, MSP

Priest In Residence:
Revd Fr Joseph Etim, MSP

Rev Alan Bond

Religious Congregation: 
Sisters of Christian Instruction
Faithful Companions of Jesus

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