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April 22nd

Second Sunday of Easter Mass 6.30pm
Acts 4:13-21
Mk 16:9-15
6.30pm: People of the Parish


April 23rd

Second Sunday of Easter Mass 6.30pm
Divine Mercy
Acts 2:42-47, 1 Pt 1:3-9
Jn 20:19-31
9.00am:People of the Parish
10.30am: Violet McQueen  Thanksgiving
2.00pm : Misa en Espanol
6.30pm : Fr John Leahy (Get well)


April 24th
Eucharistic Service: 9.30am
Acts 4:23-31, Jn 3:1-8
 Priests’ Day Off 



April 25th
Mass 9.30am
Mk 16:15-20

Patrick Fearon (Divine Healing & Wellbeing)



April 26th
Mass 9.30am
Acts 5:17-26, Jn 3:16-21

Theresa Darcy RIP Funeral


April 27th

Mass 9.30am
Acts 5:27-33, Jn 3:31-36

Julie Juda Singh (Healing Deliverance & Wellbeing)


April 28th
Mass 9.30am
Acts 5:34-42;Jn 6:1-15



April 29th

Third Sunday of Easter
Acts 6:1-7,Jn 6:16-21



April 30th


Third Sunday of Easter
Acts 2:14,22-33
1Pt 1:17-21
Lk 24:13-35


9.00am:People of the Parish
10.30am: Thanksgiving for Rev.George Okyere - Yabo
2.00pm: Misa en Espanol



                                         PARISH NOTICES

Parish Office Hours This Week
Parish Priest: 
Wednesday 11.00am to 1.00pm & Thursday 6.00pm to 7.30pm     
Office Staff:  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 10.00am to 3.00pm
Hall booking: 3.00pm to 7.00pm on Friday or call 020 7639 3724, 07737 457247
CCTV Awareness:  Parishioners are hereby notified that CCTV cameras are now in place to cover the entire Church premises for security and Safety. Thank you for your cooperation

Congratulations to those who received the Easter Sacraments through the RCIA Program:  Jeremiah, Jamie, Rebecca, John, Kenny, Andree, Alice and Doris were baptised, Confirmed, and received into full Communion with the Catholic Church, Please keep them in prayers. Please attend Mass on Sundays and participate in the Church activities. We hope to meet you again soon. Those who would like to join the next RCIA program should contact the Parish Priest for discussion.
Easter Offering Appreciation: Thank you dear parishioners and friends for your generosity in giving. It is much appreciated by the priests of the parish. God bless and reward all.

Easter Sunday Cake Sales Appreciation: Many thanks to the planning committee for your hard work and to all those who participated in the event. The cake sale and raffle proceeds were £353.00.

Easter Barbecue (Galilee for Parishioners): Thanks to the Ghanaian Association and all parishioners/friends who participated in the Barbecue (Galilee for Parishioners) on Easter Monday.

Please pray for: Chief Edison Otomewo, a parishioner, who has been seriously ill for quite some time. He is, by the grace of God, making some progress. Let us keep him in our prayers.

Church Cleaning and Ministries Appreciation: We thank our Parish Cleaning Team/Volunteers who prepared the Church for Mass this weekend. God bless you. Thanks to the various ministries in the Parish that contributed in making the Holy Week Ceremonies and Easter Celebration successful: Altar Servers, Ushers, Music team, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Bookshop Coordinators, Children Liturgy and First Communion, Confirmation/ RCIA Group,  Groups, Communities/Associations and all the Coordinators of the various functions and roles. Thanks to all who are donating in support of our parish and the fundraising Organisers, God bless you.

Parish History: Joan Bond has written a History of the Parish for the First Hundred Years – 1905 – 2005. It is now available to buy after Mass– cost £5, please buy a copy, all proceeds go to the Church development fund.

The Bar: The bar is operating fully in the Damien (front) Hall. Please make use of the bar after 10.30 Mass.

The Bookshop is open for your religious items, buy and have them blessed by the Priest.

Diocesan Altar Servers’ 40th Rally 2017: is on May Day Bank Holiday Monday 1st at The Friars, Aylesford Priory, Kent. Sung Mass at 11.30am. Parents and altar servers please take note. More information will be given nearer the date
 A Warm Welcome to our Visitors, Friends and Parishioners worshipping with us today! This is St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. We are happy to have you with us. Help us keep our vision and mission alive and do join us in the back Hall for Tea and Coffee after 10.30am Mass.  
BIDDING PRAYERS: (Page 46 ) Reader: Jesus, I know you are near,
                                                                 People : standing always by my side


                      The Risen Jesus must become my Lord and my God

St. Thomas, the apostle, is traditionally called the “doubting disciple”, because he refused to accept the testimony of the other disciples who had seen the risen Jesus. Yet, Thomas, the greatest doubter, becomes the greatest believer. He is known to be the only apostle who made such a personal, passionate and profound profession of faith in the risen Jesus when he exclaimed: “My Lord and my God!” Thomas doubted because he wanted to believe for himself. Doubt is not the enemy but rather the friend of faith. The enemy of faith is fear. When we lack faith, we are afraid. When we have faith, we become fearless and free. Thomas wanted to behold and believe for himself because faith is personal.
 Those who disbelieve the resurrection tend to argue that the disciples only saw a vision, but thanks to Thomas who wanted to feel the scars of the wounds in the hands and side of Jesus. The gospel accounts give a clear picture of the reality of the resurrection. Jesus after his resurrection did not just vanish like a ghost. He returned to show his disciples his wounded hands and side. He invited Thomas to touch his wounds.  The risen Jesus is one who is scarred with the wounds of his passion.  Thomas wanted to experience the real risen Jesus. The wounded Jesus has come to minister to the wounds of our sins through the ministry of divine mercy and forgiveness which he gave to the Church. As human and like Jesus we are all wounded, but there is always the lurking temptation to hide our wounds.  For us to be healed, we must reveal our wounds, it is only when a wound is shown to the doctor that it can be touched and treated. Hence in our encounter with Jesus we need to show him our wounds. He, the Wounded Healer, by touching them with his amazing grace and boundless mercy will bring us health and wholeness. His divine mercy far exceeds our human misery!
Easter expresses the resurrection power and faith that is full of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, healing, restoration of hope and enthusiasm. “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe” says Jesus, not to rebuke Thomas but to bless us. There is blessedness in believing without seeing; but there is also blessedness in believing what we see. “My Lord and my God” – Jesus must become my Lord and my God. Like Thomas, we must personally, truly encounter and experience Him! Say a prayer:  Lord Jesus, you are the resurrection and the life, increase my faith in the power of your resurrection, help me to encounter and experience you as my Lord and God truly alive in me and in the world. Amen
                                     Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!Fr Francis, MSP


Pray for the sick and housebound:
Pat Miller (Phillips), Rosemary Mbachu, Fr. John Leahy, Charmaine Perriman, Stephanie and Peter St. Rose, Arlene Brown, Rosa Maria Santos, Graham Roberts, Patrick Purvis, Sheila Dormer, Rebecca Linton, Bernard Bruno Da Silva, May Purvis, Maria Herriart, Teresa Cox, Adama Sheriff, Antonio Neto, John Cox, Angela Roberts, Betty MacLean, George Kirby, Alma Fernandes, Margaret and Tom Wyse, Caroline Knight, Caroline Onyekwere, Sarah Kayaga, Rachael Tullong

Pray for the dead: especially those who died recently in our parish (Theresa Darcy) and those whose anniversary is this week: Terrance Payne, Terrance McGilly, Fred Johnson, Deborah  McDonald, Nora O'Brien, Harry Chirtock, Joan Tobin, Charles Auko, Ethel Maynard, Anne King 2008, Patrick Diffley, Virgelina Carrea, Bernard Marks, Fillippo Di Giovanni, Elizabeth Cahill, Ann Crowley, Susan Carroll, David Kelly.

Our Vision: We are St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church that seeks to meet the Pastoral needs of all.

Mission Statement: We are a diverse, welcoming and lively community that strives to be caring and listening to all through our active participation in the sharing of God’s gifts.

MottoSt. Thomas the Apostle: Sharing God’s Gifts in Love and Service.

Parish Prayer:
God our Father and Creator of the human family,  Pour out your Spirit on the people of this Parish and grant us generous hearts, faithfulness to your word and a new vision of your glory, as we seek to build a welcoming, lively and caring community. Bless us with greater unity in worship and a new consecration to your service that your love may grow among us. Forgive us all our sins and let this parish be a family where healing, pardon and goodness flow for all, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. Holy Mary Mother of God: Pray for us. St Thomas the Apostle: Pray for us.  May the souls of our departed parishioners and all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

PARISH ANTHEM (Children of Abraham –  Like the stars in the sky, we are numbered in the millions … (c. P. O’Neil))
Father, pour out your spirit on the people of this parish.
Grant us generous hearts, faithfulness to your word.
May we worship as one, consecrated to your service
sharing God’s gifts in love, sharing God’s gifts with all
CHORUS: Teach us pardon and forgiveness, how to listen and to heal.
 Unified, a parish family, where your goodness will flow
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we will be a church that cares,
With a vision of your glory.
Father help our community shine just like the stars

Breaking the Word – Prayer Group - Monday's at 7.30pm
Life Ascending – Group for older people    Church - Wednesday's at 10.00am
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary – Prayer Group - Thursday's at 7.00pm
St. Thomas the Apostle Youth Group - Youth - Friday's at  7.00-8.30pm

Receiving Holy Communion from the Chalice by ‘Self-Intinction’ (by dipping the Host in the Chalice by a communicant):  
The Church teaches that one can receive Holy Communion on both kinds or on either kind. Where Holy Communion is given on both kinds every communicant who wants is welcome to receive the body as well as the blood from the Chalice.  However, dipping the Host in the Chalice by oneself is not encouraged.  Please you are advised to receive only the body if you cannot drink from the Chalice.


For safeguarding purposes, all children using our toilet facilities must be accompanied by parent or guardian. 

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St Thomas The Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Nunhead
81 Evelina Road, 
Nunhead, SE15 3HL
Tel: 020 7639 3724
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Parish Priest:
Revd Fr Francis Eyo, MSP

Priest In Residence:
Revd Fr Joseph Etim, MSP

Rev Alan Bond

Religious Congregation: 
Sisters of Christian Instruction
Faithful Companions of Jesus

Mass Times:
Saturday 6.30pm,
Sundays 9.00am,10.30am, 2.00pm (Spanish Mass), 6.30pm.

Weekday Masses: 

Holy days of Obligation:
9.30am and 7.00pm.

Saturday 5.30pm or by appointment

Exposition  & Morning Prayers: 
Mondays - Fridays  9.00am-9.30am

Communion to the Sick:

Infant Baptism/Child Dedication:
Last Saturday of the month and as announced
By appointment with the Parish Priest (six months’ notice is required)
By Arrangement (contact the Parish Priest) 
During Sunday Mass - first and last Sunday's of the month
Thanksgiving & Anniversaries:
Please contact the Parish Priest
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