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                                         PARISH NOTICES

Parish Office Hours This Week
Parish Priest: Wednesday 11.00am to 1.00pm & Thursday 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Office Staff:  Monday to Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm 
Hall booking: 10.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday or call 020 7639 3724, 07737 457247
CCTV Awareness:  Parishioners are hereby notified that CCTV cameras are now in place to cover the entire Church premises for security and Safety. Thank you for your cooperation

Appreciation and Thanks: To our generous parishioners and friends for giving in support of the Church development.

To the Parish cleaning team and volunteers for cleaning the Church this weekend. To all who made our Sunday Mass a wonderful celebration - Altar servers, Readers, Communion Ministers, Ushers, the Music team/ Choir, Sacristians/ Volunteers who set up for the Mass, the office staff and all. God bless you.

Parish Gala Dinner : Saturday 9th December 2017, Christmas will be nice together, get your ticket and support our Parish. Leaders of all Church Groups and Associations please collect the tickets and circulate among your members and friends.

Knights of St Columbia: Over all masses during the week ending 9th and 10th December, the Knights will be distributing Christmas Posters and collecting for the homeless.

USE OF CHURCH PREMISES AND YEAR PLANNER: The planner for December is on the notice boards, please check. If you are using the Halls for commercial or social program, you need to book with the office and sort out cleaning, damage, deposit and other hall charges. We thank the various Groups and Associations that have sent in their 2018 programs. Please note: Access to the Halls/Church will be restricted to bookings as indicated in the planner.

First Holy Communion: Lessons on Saturday 9th December from 11.00am to 12.30pm in the Back Hall. Thanks to all the teachers/volunteers,parents/guardians for supporting our children.Ensure the children are there to learn.

RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adult and young people under 14 years): Thanks to all who attended the last lesson. Lessons this week will take place on Saturday 16th December 2017, from 11.00am to 12.30pm in the Church.

Confirmation 2018: The Confirmation forms are available in the hall way.

Baptism of Children: will take place on Saturday 16th December 2017. Parents should fill the form and return it to the office. First preparation meeting will take place on Friday 8th December at 6.00pm. Please ensure you are available.

Children Liturgy and Sunday School: We thank all our children and teachers for their participation last Sunday. At 10.30 Mass, the Children from ages 9,8 and 7 including those who have made their First Holy Communion and those preparing for Holy Communion next year will be coordinated by Mrs Amaka Agu, assisted by Mrs Nnenna
Ekemiri and all Holy Communion and Junior RCIA
Teachers in the back hall. Children in reception Year 1 and Year 2 in school will meet in the Front Hall to be coordinated by Dierdre, Anastasia and Parents of these Children. Parents bring the children first into the Church. Children come out to the front of the Church after the Opening prayer and the priest will send the children to go with the teachers to learn about Jesus and the Mass. At the end of their sessions, the Children will return to the Church during offertory, processing to the front for blessing. Thank you.

Eucharistic Congress 2018: 'Adoramus' organised by the Bishops of England and Wales in Liverpool, two representatives are needed from each parish to join the Diocesan Contingent.

2018 Calendar: is available in the bookshop.


Building Fund and the next phase of work: Thanks to Parishioners and friends for your contributions towards the building project. The design for the repairs of the external walls of the church is displayed on the notice board for your support.

2nd Collection and donations: Please be informed that the Church Fundraising and Project Commission has agreed that 2nd collections be taken for our Building/ Development project on Sundays when there are no diocesan collections. Please be generous and help your Church. God bless all.

Parish Registration: Forms are available in the Hall way or you can register on the website.

Christmas Giving Tree: We request people to donate useful items, mainly food and toiletries in support of those in need.

Parish History Book by Joan Bond: is on sale. Kindly buy a copy in support of the Parish - £5.00 per copy.

Annual Mass Count 2017: Last Sunday attendance: 6.30 (Sat) - 49 , Sunday 9am - 91, 10.30am - 244, 2pm -83, 6.30pm - 41

Little Pillars Day Nursery:  is open to Monday - Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm. Ages from 3 months - 5 years. Contact number 07981953092.


 A Warm Welcome to our Visitors, Friends and Parishioners worshipping with us today! This is St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. We are happy to have you with us. Help us keep our vision and mission alive and do join us in the Front Hall for Tea, Coffee, refreshments and interaction after Mass.  
                (Page 136 ) Reader: Father,we the clay, you the potter,
                                  People : we are the work of your hands.



Today is the First Sunday of Advent and we begin a New Liturgical Year (B) in the calendar of the Church. Advent means ‘Coming’ and our liturgy throughout this period will focus on the ‘coming of Jesus’ as the humble Messiah, King and Lord. Advent reminds us of Jesus’ first coming, which took place in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago and it calls us to be aware that Jesus Christ will come again in glory to save us and as judge of both the living and the dead. We must wait for this divine intervention not with fear but in joyful hope.

Scripture indicates that no human being knows the time or day when Christ will come again but we must be ready for him (Matt 24: 36-44; Mark 13:32-37; Luke 17:26-37), because God’s time scheme is different from ours (Isaiah 55:8-9; Psalm 90). Thus, the Gospel (Mark 13:33-37) encourages us to ‘Stay awake’  with a heart that longs to make changes so that God’s Will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. Advent is the season to be spiritually awake in prayer and in our effort to love, serve and glorify God. To be awake is to be aware that we live in a beautiful world created by God despite the crisis we face in life, and that we are the work of God’s hand, constantly in need of God’s intervention in this world. Our Prayer is: Let us see, o Lord, your mercy and grant us your salvation.  

                            Welcome to the Season of Advent!
                    HAPPY SUNDAY!

Pray for the sick and housebound:
Joan Bond, Alan Bond,Omobolaji Odokale,Pat Miller (Phillips), Rosemary Mbachu, Charmaine Perriman, Stephanie and Peter St. Rose, Arlene Brown, Rosa Maria, Santos, Bernard Bruno Da Silva, May Purvis, Maria Herriart, Teresa Cox, Adama Sheriff, Antonio Neto, John Cox, Angela Roberts, Betty MacLean, George Kirby, Alma Fernandes, Margaret and Tom Wyse, Caroline Knight, Caroline Onyekwere, Sarah Kayaga, Rachael Tullong, Graham Roberts, Patrick Purvis, Sheila Dormer, Rebecca Linton, Chief Edison Otomewo.

Pray for the dead: especially those who died recently in our parish this week Fr John Leahy, Esther Maurice Ekpo, Maurice Ekpo,Jim Duffy,Bridget O' Shea, Veronica Otuodung, Francis Otuodung and those whose anniversary is this week... Patricia Curry, Marie Johnson, Patrick McNulty,Joseph Kelly,Maria Eugenia Lopez, Charles Smith, Tony King, Agnes Billington, Alison Norris, Ann Dunne, Enid Johnson, Francis Cannon, Margaret Crook,Christopher O' Sullivan, Anthony Wearne, Anne Barnes, Violet Lewis,Michael Wright, Herman Harriette, William Sanders,Kate Robson,Elizabeth Hayes.

Our Vision: We are St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church that seeks to meet the Pastoral needs of all.

Mission Statement: We are a diverse, welcoming and lively community that strives to be caring and listening to all through our active participation in the sharing of God’s gifts.

MottoSt. Thomas the Apostle: Sharing God’s Gifts in Love and Service.

Parish Prayer:
God our Father and Creator of the human family,  Pour out your Spirit on the people of this Parish and grant us generous hearts, faithfulness to your word and a new vision of your glory, as we seek to build a welcoming, lively and caring community. Bless us with greater unity in worship and a new consecration to your service that your love may grow among us. Forgive us all our sins and let this parish be a family where healing, pardon and goodness flow for all, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen. Holy Mary Mother of God: Pray for us. St Thomas the Apostle: Pray for us.  May the souls of our departed parishioners and all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

PARISH ANTHEM (Children of Abraham –  Like the stars in the sky, we are numbered in the millions … (c. P. O’Neil))
Father, pour out your spirit on the people of this parish.
Grant us generous hearts, faithfulness to your word.
May we worship as one, consecrated to your service
sharing God’s gifts in love, sharing God’s gifts with all
CHORUS: Teach us pardon and forgiveness, how to listen and to heal.
 Unified, a parish family, where your goodness will flow
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we will be a church that cares,
With a vision of your glory.
Father help our community shine just like the stars

Breaking the Word – Prayer Group - Monday's at 7.30pm
Life Ascending – Group for older people    Church - Wednesday's at 10.00am
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary – Prayer Group - Thursday's at 7.00pm


Receiving Holy Communion from the Chalice by ‘Self-Intinction’ (by dipping the Host in the Chalice by a communicant):  
The Church teaches that one can receive Holy Communion on both kinds or on either kind. Where Holy Communion is given on both kinds every communicant who wants is welcome to receive the body as well as the blood from the Chalice.  However, dipping the Host in the Chalice by oneself is not encouraged.  Please you are advised to receive only the body if you cannot drink from the Chalice.


For safeguarding purposes, all children using our toilet facilities must be accompanied by parent or guardian. 

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St Thomas The Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Nunhead
81 Evelina Road, 
Nunhead, SE15 3HL
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Parish Priest:
Revd Fr Francis Eyo, MSP

Priest In Residence:
Revd Fr Joseph Etim, MSP

Rev Alan Bond

Religious Congregation: 
Sisters of Christian Instruction
Faithful Companions of Jesus

Mass Times:
Saturday 6.30pm,
Sundays 9.00am,10.30am, 2.00pm (Spanish Mass), 6.30pm.

Weekday Masses: 

Holy days of Obligation:
9.30am and 7.00pm.

Saturday 5.30pm or by appointment

Exposition  & Morning Prayers: 
Mondays - Fridays  9.00am-9.30am

Communion to the Sick:

Infant Baptism/Child Dedication:
Last Saturday of the month and as announced
By appointment with the Parish Priest (six months’ notice is required)
By Arrangement (contact the Parish Priest) 
During Sunday Mass - first and last Sunday's of the month
Thanksgiving & Anniversaries:
Please contact the Parish Priest
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