The Risen Jesus must become my Lord and my God
St. Thomas, the apostle, is traditionally called the “doubting disciple”, because he refused to accept the testimony of the other disciples who had seen the risen Jesus. Yet, Thomas, the greatest doubter, becomes the greatest believer. He is known to be the only apostle who made such a personal, passionate and profound profession of faith in the risen Jesus when he exclaimed: “My Lord and my God!” Thomas doubted because he wanted to believe for himself. Doubt is not the enemy but rather the friend of faith. The enemy of faith is fear. When we lack faith, we are afraid. When we have faith, we become fearless and free. Thomas wanted to behold and believe for himself because faith is personal.
 Those who disbelieve the resurrection tend to argue that the disciples only saw a vision, but thanks to Thomas who wanted to feel the scars of the wounds in the hands and side of Jesus. The gospel accounts gives a clear picture of the reality of the resurrection. Jesus after his resurrection did not just vanish like a ghost. He returned to show his disciples his wounded hands and side. He invited Thomas to touch his wounds.  The risen Jesus is one who is scarred with the wounds of his passion.  Thomas wanted to experience the real risen Jesus. The wounded Jesus has come to minister to the wounds of our sins through the ministry of divine mercy and forgiveness which he gave to the Church. As human and like Jesus we are all wounded, but there is always the lurking temptation to hide our wounds.  For us to be healed, we must reveal our wounds, it is only when a wound is shown to the doctor that it can be touched and treated. Hence in our encounter with Jesus we need to show him our wounds. He, the Wounded Healer, by touching them with his amazing grace and boundless mercy will bring us health and wholeness. His divine mercy far exceeds our human misery!
Easter expresses the resurrection power and faith that is full of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, healing, restoration of hope and enthusiasm. “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe” says Jesus, not to rebuke Thomas but to bless us. There is blessedness in believing without seeing; but there is also blessedness in believing what we see. “My Lord and my God” – Jesus must become my Lord and my God. Like Thomas, we must personally, truly encounter and experience Him! Say a prayer:  Lord Jesus, you are the resurrection and the life, increase my faith in the power of your resurrection, help me to encounter and experience you as my Lord and God truly alive in me and in the world. Amen
                          Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!Fr Francis, MSP
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